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Third Annual Bull Sale Saturday, March 6th
1:00 pm (CST)
at the ranch Fullerton, NE

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Welcome to Dubas Cattle Co. RWPC LLC!

It is the mission of our team at Dubas Cattle Co. RWPC LLC to provide our customers with efficient, functional and profitable breed-leading seed-stock and to stand completely behind these superior genetics with the utmost service and integrity. Our team strives to meet these standards daily by working together and supporting one another.

Please stop by the ranch anytime you're in the neighborhood! We are located 4.5 miles west of Fullerton on Hwy 22. Turn south at 218th Avenue and the facility is one-half mile south.

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Third Annual Bull Sale

Saturday, March 6th, 1PM - Fullerton, NE

The Third Annual Dubas Cattle RWPC Bull Sale will be held Saturday, March 6th, 2010 at the ranch 4.5 miles west of Fullerton, NE. The sale starts at 1:00 p.m. (CST) and lunch will be served.

Featuring bulls that have completed a feed trial on our GrowSafe Feed Efficiency System. Our goal is to identify the genetics that can do more with less!

Several sons of these breed-leading sires selling:
Nationwide 800I - Reg. No. 15671197
GAR Predestined - Reg. No. 13395344
C R A Bextor - Reg. No. 13009379
GAR-EGL Protege - Reg. No. 15098880
Objective 3J15 - Reg. No. 14660859
Stardom 1S54 - Reg. No. 15458960

Please call or email us if you would like to receive a sale catalog!
Phone: 308-536-2369
Email: geno@dubascattle.com
MRCC Endurance 8799

Garret's Nationwide 800I

Garret's Nationwide 800I
Reg. No. 15671197
Birth Date: 08-16-2006
Tattoo: 800I

Featured Dubas Cattle Co. RWPC Herd Sire Owned with Limestone LLC, Garret Farms, Buford Ranches

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First Ranch in Nebraska to use the GrowSafe System!

Dubas Cattle is utilizing the GrowSafe Feed Efficiency System which captures bottom line savings when it comes to feed efficiency. With feed at a high cost, we are working to identify the genetics that can do more with less. When the animal comes to the station to eat, the system identifies that animal by their EID ear tag. Each station has a scale system on it; the feed is weighed every second and can tell to the mouthful how much feed it is consuming.
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